Monday, March 27, 2006

Pictures of the birthday girl

Fiona at the age of 2 months doing what she does best. Posted by Picasa

2 months old!

As you can see, Soren has no problems with horses. He feeds them, brushes them, fetches their food and cleans their hooves. He also fetches his own food when his parents are not attentive, and will get the carton of goat milk (and sometimes chocolate milk) from the refrigerator when he is thirsty.

Soren has made big strides. He is able to operate the DVD player to play his current favorites (Harry Potter, Finding Nemo, Thomas the Train). He has also begun to speak more and added the following to his vocabulary:

  • hummy (hummus)
  • Ha-ee Po-urr (Harry Potter without the consonants)
  • I wanna doit
  • My bike
  • More choc (more chocolate)

    Happy birthday. Fiona is 2 months old and has started to smile. She is healthy and usually sleeps well (at least from my perspective). She used to go to sleep at night in her father's arms while he worked on the computer. Alas, her schedule has changed and she cries earlier in the day and is already asleep by the time father comes home.

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